segunda-feira, abril 28, 2008

In Between

Paul Van Dyk
Fall With Me (feat. David Byrne)

(Would You) Fall With Me?
Tumble into lost horizons
(It's a) long way down
To the streets below

(Now I'm) On my way
If I get an invitation
I believe
But you never know

I could be happy, no doubt
I could be crunchy, that's how
Livin' my daydreams, you know
Dancin' on tip toes, fo sho

Hologram, priestess, success, I guess
Lingerie, he knows, no clothes, exposed
Victory, cocktail, telltale, on sale
Hotter than sunshine, sometime, headlines

(Would you) Fall With Me?
We could be so happy, baby
(Would you) go my way?
I believe you do

(Would You) Save my Life?
If I set my hair on fire
Who am I?
If I only knew

Tumblin' backwards, my love
Heavenly creatures, too much
Everything changes, the say
Fresh as a daisy, someday

Takin' a road trip, good fit, ain't it
Send me a postcard, backyard, How far?
Genuine laughter, faster, blaster
Suddenly hit me, fit me, tipped me

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