quarta-feira, abril 16, 2008

Finish Line

Snow Patrol
Warmer Climate

Tell me if Im going crazy,
but everything you said amazed me,
seems too easy on the ear to,
be something I should adhere to.

You told me to just simply wonder,
rather than take shelter under,
an open my heart to the thought that,
Life is something you're not caught at.

Too easy to get lost in progress,
I didn't see you there in that dress,
then suddenly the world seems so small,
We fit it all inside our front hall,
Edison would spin in his grave,
to ever see the light that you gave,
don't want to take it nice and slow here,
don't want to waste a minute more dear.

The universe just vanished out of sight,
and all the stars collapsed behind the pitch black night,
and I can barely see your face infront of mine,
but it is knowing you are there that makes me fine.

Maybe its the warmer climate,
maybe I'm a smarter primate,
maybe its the beer I'm drinking,
maybe I've stopped over thinking,
Baby you're the words and chapters,
the sweetness in the morning after,
You are the cry that turns to laughter,
You're the hope that ends disaster.

But the universe is just an empty space,
and all the stars can disappear without a trace,
I'm so glad that this has taken me so long,
´cause its the journey that made me so strong..

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